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The enduring mission of the Tobias Center is inspiring leadership excellence on a national scale.  Special access to the Center’s work will be furnished to Indiana citizens for the distinct purpose of enhancing leadership within the state.


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Hazelett Women in Leadership Forum

11/23/2015 - Susan Brooks and Karen Freeman-Wilson, Women IN the Lead: Changing the Face of Government, Part I

11/23/2015 - Susan Brooks and Karen Freeman-Wilson, Women IN the Lead: Changing the Face of Government, Part II

11/20/2014 - Angie Hicks, Know What You Bring

10/25/2013 - Ora Pescovitz, My Path: Learning, Leadership & Life

10/9/2012 - Marianne Glick, Philanthropic Leadership

11/30/2011 - Tamika Catchings, forward, Indiana Fever

11/3/2010 - Angela Brown, Reaching for Your Dreams

10/27/2009 - Patricia Miller, Life is an Echo

03/19/2008 - France Cordova, President, Purdue University

02/28/2007 - Joanne Ciulla, Women As Leaders: Where They Are and What They Do

04/11/2006 - Cheryl Bachelder, Creating a Workplace Where Women Thrive

Multi-Sector Forum

03/07/2009 - Ira Chaleff, The Courageous Follower: A New View of Leader-Follower Relationships

03/07/2009 - Mansour Javidan, Global Mindset: The Concept, The Tool, & Its Implications for Global Leaders

03/06/2009 - Michael Campbell, Talent Sustainability: Exploring Talent

03/06/2009 - Nadu Denloye, Called to Lead

03/06/2009 - Steve Denning, Storytelling: The Secret Language of Leadership

03/06/2009 - Kent Keith, Servant Leadership: Ethical, Practical, & Meaningful

Semler Lecture

4/27/2011 - Brad Stevens and Avery Jukes, Giving Back: The Ball is in Your Court

10/6/2009 - Billy Mills, Global Unity Through Global Diversity

11/12/2008 - Wintley Phipps, Pride, Passion, & Purpose

10/18/2007 - Joe Mamlin, Changing the Face of HIV/AIDS in Kenya Leading From the Ground Up

11/21/2006 - Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, Planting Good Trees

Tobias Leadership Conference

2011 Tobias Leadership Conference - Indianapolis, IN

3/4/2011 - Martin Carver, Welcome Remarks

3/4/2011 - Frances Hesselbein, Leaders of the Future - Challenges and Opportunities

3/4/2011 - Richard Gunderman, Portrait of Leadership Gone Bad

3/4/2011 - Lyndia Downie and Max Klau, Homelessness and High School Drop-Outs

3/4/2011 - Wallace Renfro, What will drive us: An examination of values as a balance point between self-interest and self-denial in decision making

3/4/2011 - James Clawson, Level Three Leadership: New Lens on an Old Problem

3/5/2011 - Steve Campbell, Governmental Leadership in the 21st Century

3/5/2011 - Kevin Armstrong, Leadership as Crossing Borders

3/5/2011 - Mary Gentile, Giving Voice to Values: The "How" of Business Ethics

2012 Tobias Leadership Conference - Colorado Springs, CO

2/24/2012 - Barbara Crosby, Integrative Leadership: Leading Across Boundaries for the Common Good

2/24/2012 - Juana Bordas, The Power of WE: Leading in our Diverse and Multicultural World

2/24/2012 - Lt. Colonel Doug Lindsay and Colonel Gary Packard, Developing Leaders of Character: How the United States Air Force Academy Grows Military Leaders

2/24/2012 - Gloria Burgess, Legacy Leadership: Making a Covenant with the Future

2/24/2012 - Sharon McDowell-Larsen, Top Dog, Fit Cat: 15 Years of Adventures in Fitness and Leadership

2/25/2012 - Polly Higgins, Bold, Courageous, Moral Leadership: Giving Context in the New Paradigm

2/25/2012 - Mary Uhl-Bien, Complexity Leadership: Making Sense of Leadership in Today's Complex World

2/25/2012 - Tom Cronin, Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox

2013 Tobias Leadership Conference - Colorado Springs, CO

3/1/2013 - Martha Montello, How Stories Matter: Narrative and Bioethics

3/1/2013 - Jean Lipman-Blumen, Leadership for What?

3/1/2013 - Frederic Luskin, Training Emotional Competence to Enhance Productivity: Results of Research

3/1/2013 - Alicia Valladolid-Cuarón, Spirituality and Leadership - Key Elements for Personal and Professional Success

3/1/2013 - Daniel Watola and Jeff Jackson, Developing Leaders at the United States Air Force Academy

3/2/2013 - Ron Riggio, The Search for the Early Roots of Leadership

3/2/2013 - Tom Cronin, Leadership as a Performing Art

3/2/2013 - David Campbell, Leadership Chaos: Tragedies, Dangers, Scandals and Sex

2014 Tobias Leadership Conference - Indianapolis, IN

4/25/2014 - Leonard Wong, Changing Minds in the Army: Why it is so Difficult and What to do About It

4/25/2014 - Sandy Sasso, Put Your Whole Self In: Leadership Beyond the Rules

4/25/2014 - Sandra Waddock, Responsible Leadership: Stewardship of the Future

4/25/2014 - Richard Gunderman, Frankenstein's Leadership Monster

4/25/2014 - Russ Mawby and Gene Tempel, A Conversation with Russ Mawby, 25-year CEO and Chairman Emeritus of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

4/26/2014 - Steve Goldsmith, Data-Smart Leadership

4/26/2014 - Jim Walker, Made for Each Other: Leading with Collaboration and Creativity

4/26/2014 - Gil Latz, Effective Leadership in Japan: the Case of Shibusawa Eiichi

4/26/2014 - David Frantz, Lee Krahenbuhl, and Tobias Leadership Conference Attendees, Exclusive World Video Premiere of "Yes And" (video of music performance)

"Yes And" - David Frantz, Lee Krahenbuhl, and Tobias Leadership Conference Attendees (audio only)

2015 Tobias Leadership Conference - Indianapolis, IN

4/30/2015 - Leonard Wong, Lying to Ourselves

5/1/2015 - Joanne Ciulla, Leadership and the Meaning of Work

5/1/2015 - Allan Boesak, Blinking in Sudden Light: Leadership as Unexpected Challenge

5/1/2015 - Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, Leadership Plus Ten

5/1/2015 - Barbara Kellerman, Leadership - A System, Not a Person!

5/2/2015 - Frank Barrett,Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz

2016 Tobias Leadership Conference - Indianapolis, IN

5/8/2016 - Matthew Myer Boulton, A Call to Lead: Ancient Wisdom on the Role of "Calling" in Effective, Sustainable Leadership

5/8/2016 - Ira Chaleff, Intelligent Disobedience

5/8/2016 - Greg Ballard, Leadership Across Disciplines

5/8/2016 - Mansour Javidan, Leadership Lessons from CEOs: The GLOBE Study of Over 1,000 CEOs from 24 Countries, Part I

5/8/2016 - Mansour Javidan, Leadership Lessons from CEOs: The GLOBE Study of Over 1,000 CEOs from 24 Countries, Part II

5/9/2016 - Katherine Tyler Scott, Increase Your Navigation IQ: Seven Elements for Success

5/9/2016 - Richard Gunderman, Burned-Out Leaders: Roots and Remedies

Tobias Lecture

03/06/09 - James MacGregor Burns, Leadership Panel Discussion

04/27/07 - James T. Morris, Leadership on Important Global Issues

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