Negotiation Program

Develop your negotiation skills

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Every negotiation counts. The knot in your stomach as you prepare to negotiate a deal or a settlement tells you how vital it is to win for your client, firm or organization.

However, most struggle with finding the right balance – a winning negotiation with colleagues, clients and adversaries often means that you must compete to achieve your goals and collaborate to build ongoing business relationships.

This interactive workshop will increase your arsenal of negotiation strategies, techniques and tactics and add skills that build confidence, creative solutions, measurable results and long-term relationships.

You will acquire skills through negotiation role plays, group exercises and instructor coaching.

You will learn how to:

  • Survey and adapt your negotiation style to better fit the people and situations
  • Develop a needs map
    • Learn to identify both party’s real needs and interests
    • How to set and achieve your goals
  • Develop, select and implement a strategy, during and after the negotiation
    • Learn how to craft “win-win” solutions that will enable you to get what you want and what you deserve – out of negotiations
    • Build broad mutual understanding of each other’s positions
    • Foster an environment of cooperation
  • Win difficult negotiations
    • Maximize leverage
    • Convert hardball tactics into opportunities for understanding, relationship-building and productive dialog
    • Gain confidence in your ability to negotiate difficult agreements
  • Avoid ethical pitfalls in negotiations
    • Learn what effective and ethical standards govern the negotiation process
    • Evaluate where to draw the line between lying and puffery

Be sure to ask us about continuing education credits for this course.