What you’ll learn

The varied curriculum of the Fellows Program reflects the breadth of leadership itself. You’ll learn from noted speakers, participate in team exercises, reflect on what you’ve learned, and keep a journal of your thoughts on leadership and your moments of trial.

You’ll be challenged to consider questions about leadership contexts, such as:

  • How does the modern military teach people how to think (rather than what to think)?
  • How can multinational organizations make ethical decisions that inflict the least harm?
  • When is it important to give people permission to make mistakes?
  • How does a leader elicit the best possible performance from people?
  • Does being an entrepreneur call for a different kind of leadership?
  • How can a leader effectively interact with the government?
  • In the 6th century, St. Benedict originated a form of government with rules that are still followed throughout the world today. How has the leadership of one individual endured for so long?

Study a variety of leadership elements

Leading at the edge

Explore the essential elements of leadership and high-performance teamwork. What constitutes effective leadership in challenging times?

Leading change

Learn to think strategically, understand your changing environment, and embrace the changes.

Ethical and legal issues

What is ethical leadership? Examine the range of ethical and legal issues organizational leaders face.

Failure and success

Look at leaders, companies, and circumstances of leadership successes and failures.

Skills for success

Discover the attributes referred to as elements of a leader’s charisma, including emotional and social communication skills.


Share and discuss your leadership beliefs as you examine and articulate the philosophy and practice of leadership.

Discover new themes

Each month, you’ll explore a new leadership theme led by outstanding IU faculty and leading outside experts. You’ll learn about leadership styles and the circumstances that call for them. You’ll focus on thinking strategically and leading change. You’ll study ethics and legal issues, as well as leadership failures and successes.

Learn about yourself

You’ll get ongoing coaching and feedback from an experienced assessor and coach who will analyze your leadership and analytical capabilities, your work style, and your interpersonal skills. You’ll acquire greater insights into your leadership strengths and opportunities, allowing you to create a development plan that addresses your needs and goals for personal growth.


If you have questions or would like additional information about the Fellows Program, please contact us.

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