Get Involved

Connect with us

Want to get involved with the Tobias Leadership Center? There are many ways you can connect with us.

Hear about the latest leadership developments at one (or both) of our annual events, the Hazelett Forum and the Leadership Engagement and Discovery (LEAD) Conference. If you would like to attend or volunteer for either event, contact us at 317-278-2800.

You can also get involved by:

  • Applying to become a Tobias Fellow—or encouraging a friend or colleague to apply
  • Utilizing our library of leadership insights from our Oral History Project
  • Helping us to get the word out on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Joining our mailing list

Contact us for more information about available opportunities.

Give now

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Tobias Leadership Center through the IU Foundation.