Joanne Ciulla

A pioneer in the field of leadership ethics. Her research on the ethical challenges of leadership is interdisciplinary but draws heavily on literature in philosophy and history.

Born or Made?

“What I always tell my students is human beings haven’t changed. You see leaders doing the same stuff they’ve been doing for a long time, so human nature hasn’t changed; ethics hasn’t changed. It goes in cycles and cultures.”

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Leaders Are Readers

  • “It’s amazing what you can learn from books”

Books I Recommend

  • Leadership
    —by James MacGregor Burns
    (Non-Fiction; Leadership)
  • The Nature of Leadership
    —by John Antonakis
    (Non-Fiction; Leadership)
  • The Republic
    —by Plato
    (Non-Fiction; Philosophy)
  • The Statesman
    —by Plato
    (Non-Fiction; philosophy)
  • The Journey to the East
    —by Hermann Hess
    (Fiction; Classics)
  • Transformational Leadership
    —by Bernard Bass
    (Non-Fiction; Leadership)
  • On Duties
    —by Marcus Tullius Cicero
    (Non-Fiction; Philosophy)

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