About Us

We inspire leadership excellence

The Tobias Leadership Center is transforming the theory and practice of leadership through innovative programming, research, and collaboration. Our focus on leadership across all sectors—corporate, public service, education, religion, medicine, and nonprofit—makes us unique among leadership programs nationwide. Our offerings apply to a wide range of audiences, from students to experienced professionals.

We offer a distinctive learning environment where leadership scholars conduct research and develop pioneering curricula and teaching strategies. Through ongoing research, we generate knowledge about leadership and disseminate this knowledge through publications and through programs such as:

The Tobias Leadership Center is at the vanguard of leadership knowledge development and dissemination.

Our history

The Tobias Leadership Center was founded in 2004 thanks to a $5.25 million contribution to Indiana University from the Randall L. Tobias Foundation. This gift, the single largest ever made by the foundation, memorializes Tobias’s prominence as a state and national leader and honors IU for the significant role it played in his success.

Gerald L. Bepko, IUPUI chancellor emeritus, served as the inaugural director of the center. Our first full year of programs began in 2006 and included the Tobias Fellows program, the Tobias Leadership Conference, the Hazelett lecture, and the Semler lecture.