James Morris

James T. Morris is a key visionary in developing Indiana through his work at Indiana University, the NCAA, the United Nations Food Programme, and promoting athletics at all levels, including as vice chairman of Pacers Entertainment, Inc. He talks through his early experiences in government and his numerous other positions.

Born or Made?

“I think you learn to be a leader. Maybe somebody is born with special skills to be a great quarterback: stature, size, strength. But I don’t know if humans are born with an innate, inherent instinct to be helpful, to care, or to have integrity. And I think, through school, through your church, through your family, through your community, you learn to care and learn to think about what you hope for. And that’s acquiring the skill.”

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Leaders Are Readers

  • “[Senator Goldwater] was a strong, independent person. He was a gentleman. He was patriotic. I had read his book 'The Conscience of a Conservative.' Hadn’t thought about that now for a long time. ”

Books I Recommend

  • The Conscience of a Conservative
    —by Barry M. Goldwater
    Non-Fiction, Leadership

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