Shirley Sagawa

A national expert on children and youth policy, Sagawa has been called a “founding mother of the modern service movement” for her work on national service. Her book, The American Way to Change, highlights ways that volunteer and national service is an important but underutilized strategy to solve problems in American communities.

Born or Made?

“I think leaders are able to articulate a compelling vision and convince others to go along. I think it's a simple thing...Can you be a leader without any followers? I didn't think so...I don't think it's something you can kind of proclaim yourself. I think either the record shows it or not”

Description of the video:

the business of trying to make a difference. And to do that sometimes means trying to get other people to go along. And I, you know, I, to me, the important thing is class first year second, always I think a lot of people are, but that's kind of how I think about it. So from that point of view, how do you define leadership? I think leaders are able to articulate a compelling vision and convince others to go along. This simple thing. And I think that leader are, you know, can you be a leader without any followers? I think that's true. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I don't think it's something you can kind of proclaim your hope and thank you. Hear the record shows that are not. So. As a leader, how would you go about trying to

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