Dennis Bland

The president of the Center of Leadership Development, Bland leads the direction of and manages the operations of CLD to accomplish organizational goals and long-range strategies. His passion is driven by a concern for the plight of African American youth and communitycreatingan environment for learning through the CLD's core values ofcharacter, education, leadership, service, and career.

Born or Made?

“Oh man, I think the majority of it is nurture, which is why we have parents and why you have teachers and primers.”

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Leaders Are Readers

  • “Every time I read a book, it’s about trying to learn what I can learn so that I can edify myself and so that I have capacity to, in turn, help and edify others.”

Books I Recommend

  • Leadership in Turbulent Times
    —by Doris Kearns Goodwin 
  • How Now Shall We Live
    —by Chuck Colson 
  • A Time to Build
    —by Yuval Levin 

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