Myles Brand

The 16th president of Indiana University and one-time head of the NCAA talks about his love of learning and how a philosopher exercises leadership.

Born or Made?

“Nurture. Nature. It’s hard to say. It probably takes both.”

Description of the video:

INTERVIEWER: Do you think leaders are born or made?

MYLES BRAND: Oh, I don't know. Nurture, nature. It's hard to say and probably takes both. I'm not sure how much of that is. Early Childhood Training. I doubt it. Very much of it is in your DNA. It's probably learned activities and values that have very early and you can't even identify the learning that takes place. But I on the circumstances, I mean, some have more opportunities to learn than others. Some circumstances present themselves in a way that you can learn from, but then you have to take advantage of the opportunity. You can ignore most of this. I didn't have to give up my comforted my ECG or writing philosophy and take some risks.

INTERVIEWER: From a different direction, we're coming into the season when the MCT of layers going to have this tournament. The best basketball team. Not everybody can play basketball at that level. There are lots of people play basketball, but there are very few people who can write form at the SEWA filed for his leadership in any way analogous to athletic talent. You know, there's some people who are, who have an ability that may be cultivated and other people who are not well, or is it, Can anybody become a leader with the right circumstances and so on?

MYLES BRAND: There are probably some necessary conditions. I think it's very clear in athletics if you're not born 69 and very quick foot, I mean, you don't have much of a chance and basketball. So I think genetics play a role in athletics. Leadership. I think there's some genetic issues. I think being smart. And being smart means the same as being lucky. You get to choose what your IQ is. Zoom, it's hard to pick your parents and so you don't know what you're right. But so you gotta have certain basic tools. But I take those basic tools as compared with athletics play a much lesser role. I think formation of values. And you do have a responsibility in terms of form, formation of your values. You can't change them. You can focus in on him. They are what you make them too big. So, so I think there's some genetic input, some natural or native skills and capacities you need. But after that, it's far more shaped who you are and what you're willing to risk and sacrifice and what you consider as important. So I'm not sure how to measure this, but, but I think long-term meaning over a lifetime, development of values and perspectives plays a key role.

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