Georgia Sorenson

A leader who strongly believed that leadership was not simply a title - it was a way of thinking, of behaving. As a scholar, a teacher, a leader, she demonstrated what can be achieved by someone who understands the power and practice of good leadership.

Born or Made?

“I think we all are leaders. Leadership changes from group to group, activity to activity. If you go to my daughter’s house, you’ll see her running her family very effectively, but if she goes somewhere else, she might be a follower, for example. So, we all are leaders and followers every day. I don’t believe that it gets encapsulated into one person.”

Description of the video:

Well, I think you can add to my question away because I think we all are leaders. Leadership changes from group to group activity to activity. If you got in my daughter's house, you'll seek or wanting her family very effectively. But if she goes somewhere else, he or she might be a follower, for example. So we all are leaders in polymers every day. So I believe that it gets encapsulated into one person. I think there was certain, well, you know, the Five-Factor theory in psychology where it says extroversion is an important part of leadership. Most leaders, I think for the extra inverting, I'm an introvert and Jim was an introvert.

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Leaders Are Readers

  • “The thing about the Tao Te Ching, which was written by Lao Tzu after Confucius, and there are many translations, but I love my translation. I read that book hundreds of thousands of times maybe and I didn’t really get what it was trying to tell me and I was buying the books and giving it to hitchhikers. I was really an advocate even though I hadn’t had my ah-ha moment, but at some point, I really understood what they were saying, what he was saying.”

Books I Recommend

  • Learning for Leadership
    —by Ken Rice
  • Tau Te Ching
    —by Lau Tzu
  • The Connective Edge
    —by Jean Lipman-Blumen
  • Leadership
    —by James Macgregor Burns

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